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Occupying a high and distinct rank both regionally and internationally in the fields of pharmaceutical education and scientific research, in addition to playing a leading role in providing pharmaceutical medical care through promoting the concept of proper use of medicine as a service to the community.


The Faculty of Pharmacy in Misurata University seeks to create a generation of competent pharmacists with clear vision and valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that qualify them to serve in the academic and medical fields and pharmaceutical industries. It also aims to constantly improve the performance of graduates and enhance researches to gain the trust of the local and international communities.


1. Preparing and training students in the different pharmaceutical sciences and providing them with a high level of knowledge in their area of specialization to meet the development needs and labor market requirements.
2. Providing the country with cadres specialized in pharmaceutical sciences and activating the role of pharmacists in developing health care services.
3. Offering scientific and technical consultations and services to the public and private bodies concerned with health and pharmaceutical industries.
4. Working to provide future postgraduate programs in different disciplines in the pharmaceutical sciences.
5. Raising environmental awareness and supporting the concept of protecting environmental development.

Scientific Departments

Pharmacology & Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Note that these departments do not provide students with degrees in these disciplines.